Ontology Design Patterns
Extension ODPs (by-pass the limitations of OWL): Nary_DataType_Relationship, Exception, Nary_Relationship.
Good Practice ODPs (obtain a more robust, cleaner and easier to maintain ontology): Entity_Feature_Value, Selector, Normalisation, Upper_Level_Ontology, Closure, Entity_Quality, Value_Partition, Entity_Property_Quality, DefinedClass_Description.
Domain Modelling ODPs (solutions for concrete modelling problems in biology): Interactor_Role_Interaction, Sequence, CompositePropertyChain, List, Adapted_SEP.


ODPs are ready made modelling solutions for creating and maintaining ontologies; they help in creating rich and rigorous ontologies with less effort. This is a public catalog of ODPs focused on the biological knowledge domain. ODPs in this catalog have been collected elsewhere or created "in house" and they are open for discussion. ODPs can be applied in ontologies using OPPL (Ontology PreProcessor Language), the wizards provided by the CO-ODE project, or simply by hand.


To browse the ODPs simply click on their names above.


To discuss the existing ODPs or send new ones please refer to the sourceforge project site.


Mikel Egaña Aranguren, Erick Antezana, Martin Kuiper, Robert Stevens. Ontology Design Patterns for bio-ontologies: a case study on the Cell Cycle Ontology. BMC bioinformatics 2008, 9(Suppl 5):S1. [BMC Bioinformatics].

Mikel Egaña, Alan Rector, Robert Stevens, Erick Antezana. Applying Ontology Design Patterns in bio-ontologies. EKAW 2008, LNCS 5268, pp. 7-16. [LNCS]


This catalog is generated from OWL files (each OWL file describes and ODP, providing semantics and annotations altogether for easy sharing). The whole catalog can be downloaded from the sourceforge project site and, if extended, generated again, obtaining a HTML and LaTeX version (software is provided in the bundle).

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